2013 OLW – FORTY

This year, I am participating in focusing on one little word.

For information, check out Ali Edward’s blog.

I tossed around a few words but have settled on FORTY.

Yep, you guessed it.  I turn 40 this year.

Throughout the year, I will be sharing how I am incorporating FORTY into my life.

To kick off the year, I am on my way to:

Drinking at least 40 ounces of water before I have my one diet coke.  Check.

Doing some sort of exercise 40 minutes per day at least 5 days a week.  Check.  I returned to the gym today after almost 3 months off after surgery.

Read 40 books.  Check.  I downloaded 2 books from the public library on my son’s Kindle and started to read one of them tonight.

Make 40 cards.  Check.  Here it is.



“Oh Hello”

  • Simple Stories Oh Snap die cut
  • Doodlebug button

Mail 40 cards throughout the year.  Check.  I have placed this card in the mailbox this evening.

Blog at least 40 times this year.  Check.  This is my 3rd blog post this year.

Are you doing OLW?  If yes, what is your word?  If not, think about it.  It should be fun.  I will be sharing my progress throughout the year with you.



2 thoughts on “2013 OLW – FORTY

  1. What a great word! And what a great year this will be for you. You don’t even look a day over 32. I swear it.

    And yes, that extra spot on the Christmas poster announces another baby. Love to you and yours, my friend.

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