Bad News – Good News

Bad News – It’s almost Halloween and I have not taken any fall photos.

Good News – I decorated my blog today for Halloween.  🙂

Bad News – I had rotator cuff surgery last Thursday.

Good News – I have a well-stocked pharmacy to ease the pain.

Bad News – I missed Andrew’s last football game of the season.

Good News – Mike took him.  His team is undefeated!

Bad News – Work is crazy busy right now.

Good News – I’m not there.

Bad News – I have not scrapped much lately.

Good News – I finished this layout in September.

“8th Grade”


Even Better News – I used the above layout and 2 other layouts and submitted to LYB.  Yippe!  And made the the Once Upon a Christmas Cycling Team!


7 thoughts on “Bad News – Good News

  1. And a fabulous layout it is! I haven’t taken any fall pictures either…I drove by a park today to see if the leaves were still on the trees and I still have time (: Looking forward to “cycling” with you!

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