Off to Michigan

My mom is leaving today to go to visit my grandparents in Michigan.  Wish I were going too.

A year and a half ago, my grandpa was in the hospital.  His heart was so bad that they didn’t think he woiuld make it out of the hospital alive.  I was there and we said our good-byes.  Well he did.  He went to a nursing home for a week and then transferred to a hospice facility.  Never thought he would have come home home from the facility.  Well he did.  He has been home, with an oxygen mask, tired, but home with the woman he has loved for many many years.  He is weak.  But wow.  How amazing is that?

Here’s an old layout I created in 2010 of Andrew and my grandpa.

So happy Mom is going to spend some time with them.

Here’s a recent layout I made of my mom with the boys.

“So Happy Together”

  • Photo was taken the Sunday after Mother’s Day after she returned from a week long vacation with the boys in Florida.
  • I mixed up Jillibean Soup’s Macho Nacho and Coconut Lime collections to createt this layout.

Hoping she has a nice trip.


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