What happened to April 2012?

Whew!  April flew by way too quickly…

There was Easter….at Grammie’s house.

We kicked off 2012 camping season and went camping at Zooland Campground  in Asheboro.  It rained and rained Friday night.  Thankfully, it cleared up for an afternoon of fishing and relaxing.

Mike and I had been enjoying Saturday and Sunday morning jogs together.  But, one Saturday morning, he and I were out jogging on a ‘new’ trail and I tripped over a tree root.  I fell hard and have injured my shoulder/rotator cuff area badly.  It has actually taken me 3 weeks to finally start feeling semi-normal again.  Lots of drugs and ongoing physical therapy are helping me get by…

We did go camping again.  We went to Camp Clearwater.  It was a huge campground.  The boys LOVED it.  They rode on their bikes, rode on golf carts with friends, drove RC trucks, swam in the lake, and stayed out late playing with friends.  All while I rested my shoulder with my never-leave-my-side-buddy Dino.

May in review coming soon……..


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