Green Month

It’s March…which means it’s Happy Green Month.  HaHa!!!

After being in our home for 2 1/2 years, the rooms are finally coming together and getting all decorated.

My new favorite room is our living/family room.

We bought a huge new sectional.  And yes, it is green!  We can all fit on this couch and it is super  super comfortable.  So comfortable that you will easily fall asleep on it and miss whatever tv show you are watching.  LOL.

I am trying to decorate without being too matchy matchy.  But that is hard for me.

I did find these cute new pillows.  Stripe pillow from JC Penney.  Floral pillow from Sears.

And the pictures hanging over the couch….I saw the idea for lining up the photos on Pinterest.  I purchased a frame or two ever week and finally printed the photos.  The photos are all landscape photos from places we have traveled.  And I love it!

Mike loved hanging those.  LOL.

Thanks for peeking!


One thought on “Green Month

  1. Your living room is gorgeous, Michelle! Love the couch! Now I can see why both you and Mike can fall asleep on that sucker. 🙂

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