Happy Love Month – Days 14-29

Well……..February wasn’t so lovely.  I got sick sick with a yucky cold and sore throat.  (no photos)

But on Valentine’s Day, I did find some energy….Mike and I did go out to dinner.  We went to Daniel’s and had yummy Italian.  And then off to Baskin Robbin’s for some ice cream.  Now that our boys are older, it is so nice to be able to go out alone without having to get a babysitter.  🙂  (no photos)

I dragged the rest of the week.  (no photos)

Then Andrew got the sickies.  And when he gets sick, he is pitiful.  I pity his future wife.   (no photos)

Then Mike got the sickies.  He toughed it out like a ‘real man’ and didn’t miss any work.  (no photos)

And the month just got away from us.

I did try to shine with extra love and compassion at work.  Not sure if it worked..but I tried.

One of the good parts of being home…….was spending extra time with this cutie:


So there’s the rest of my Love Month!  Hope your Love Month was lovely!


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