Busch Gardens – Tampa, FL

Thursday, December 29th, my dad and I took the boys to Busch Gardens.  It was crazy busy because it was the week after Christmas.  In fact, it was so crazy the roller coaster rides the boys wanted to ride had a 90 minute wait time….so we (they) did not ride those rides.

That’s okay.  We had a great time.

We (all four of us) started by taking a ride on the Skyride.  It was a nice flight over the park where we could watch the animals.

Next, we (yes me included) rode the Stanley Fall log flume ride at least four times.  The boys rode it alone an additional two more time.  This was my favorite ride.

We (yes me included rode the Tanganyika Tidal Wave twice.  The boys rode it alone four more times because there was no line at all.  I only rode it twice because this is one of those rides in which you get drenched……and I am not a huge fan of wet clothes and shoes.   This was Andrew and Nathan’s favorite ride.

The boys (including Dad) took a quick trip on the Jungle Flyers while I stood below and watched the monkeys.  I just now realized that Dad exceeded the age/height limit.  But Andrew just informed me that he was ‘this’ close to exceeding the weight limit.

It was feeding time for the monkeys and they were just so darn cute.  And then it was potty time for the monkey.  HaHa!  The monkeys were my favorite.

I hadn’t been to Busch Gardens in over 20 years.  It has changed quite a bit since then.   The animals are the same, but different.  The rides have been tweaked…

Here are some photos from way back when…

I looked for these birds because I wanted a similar photo of my boys like this.  But I did not find them.  Me and my Grandma Austin.

The Anheiser Busch beer tent is not there. And I didn’t see any fake or real clydesdales.

We did see elephants and watched them  perform tricks.  But no elephant rides any more.

What a nice way to spend the day!


9 thoughts on “Busch Gardens – Tampa, FL

  1. I haven’t been there in forever, and i think i have a clydesdale pic as well. great pics and looks like everyone had a blast. really, how could you not.

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