Florida – After Christmas

I took the boys to Florida after Christmas to visit my Dad and Janice.  And to enjoy some good ole Florida sunshine.  We arrived back home New Years Eve but I was not feeling good.  I am finally feeling good again.  So now it’s time for some pictures….

The boys love just hanging out at their house.

The live on a lake and these ‘Michigan’ birds (what are they called Janice?) were all over the lake.  They are so pretty!

Andrew got a new air soft gun and Granny Janice (Granice) was helping Andrew shot at targets.  They shot at bread in the lake,at a target nailed to a tree, and to a can in the yard.  Andrew is no marksman, but it was his first time.

The boys don’t need fancy toys.  All they need is a wheelchair for hours of fun in the driveway and street.

And sometimes they just needed to relax……in the hot tub.  Ha!

We ate at my favorite place…Sonny’s.

We ate at a Japanese Steakhouse.  Yum!

We drew straws over who got to sleep with the snoring Grandpa.  Ha!

Nathan made his own chocolate milk every day.

Granny made waffles with bacon and sausage every morning.

Dessert every night.  Cakes, pies, ice cream.  Yum.

Andrew discovered a new favorite tv show……Infested.  Gross.

Nathan and Grandpa read their Kindles together.

I relaxed in the massage chair…..which I brought home with me.

I took a trip to Brooke Pottery.  I purchase a Brooke Pottery ornament, a mug for Mike, and a Gene Gandee chip-n-dip for one.  Note:  In this photo, you can see the dishes that Mike and I got for our wedding.

I visited my childhood neighbors.  Sandy and Leeann (and family) and Shelly (and family).  I hadn’t seen Sandy in 9 years…which is way too long.  I hadn’t seen Shelly in over 15 years (maybe more)…which is also way too long.  But it was as if time had stood still.  We had the best time talking!

Our main event was going to Busch Gardens…………..with Grandpa.

Busch Gardens photos will be in my next post.


7 thoughts on “Florida – After Christmas

  1. It was so great seeing you and meeting your gang…minus one. Glad you all had a great trip! Love the pics and the image of a snoring Mr. Pflaum!!!!

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  3. So glad you are feeling better. Enjoyed seeing the pics and your narrative of the trip. Really enjoyed catching up with you. It was like having another daughter back again. Love you all.

  4. What a great trip! Love all the photos. Sorry to hear you were sick over New Year’s. What a bummer. My kiddos have both got the creeping cruds right now. 😦

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