It’s Friday – Let’s Go Camping…

Just sitting here dreaming of last weekend when we were camping at Emerald Isle….

No.  It wasn’t the perfect weekend especially since Nathan sprained his ankle Thursday.  But we enjoyed it all the same.

Because of the sprained ankle, Nathan spent a lot of time in the trailer watching movies, playing cards with Grammie,  resting, and hanging out with Dino.

We helped him hobble down to the beach Saturday afternoon.  He hung out under the tent and rode the waves on a raft with Daddy.

Andrew spent all day long in the ocean.  He loves the ocean. The waves would pound him and he would just keep on ticking.  He made a new friend the very first day and they were inseparable.

Poor baby boy had sand/seashells issues. Ha!

Speaking of seashells, we collected lots and lots of shells this weekend.

We also collected lots of memories!  And we can’t wait to go camping at the beach again!


One thought on “It’s Friday – Let’s Go Camping…

  1. Sorry about Nathan’s ankle! That is definitely not a fun way to spend a vacation, but it looks like he had a ton of fun anyway. So awesome you got to camp at the beach. 🙂

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