Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was awesome!!!

Mom came to our house Christmas Eve.  We all went to church.

After church, as is tradition, the boys opened presents from grandparents.

Great Grandma Austin made each boy quilts and a matching pillowcase.

The boys then opened their big presents…..brand new Acer Netbooks…….from Grandma and Granny Janice, Grammie, and Bud.  They each also got a case and $10 bucks from Great Grandma and Grandpa Austin.

They boys were so incredibly happy!  Santa did not really need to visit….but he did.

Nathan got a new R.C. truck, brush motor kit for his other R.C. truck, Wii Dance 2 game, Nintendo DS Lego Indiana Jones game, underwear, and new pajamas.

Andrew got an electric guitar, Wii Karate game, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Ugly Truth book, 2011 Book of World Records book, rock tumbler,  underwear, and new pajamas.

We ate a yummy ham dinner around 2:30 which also included  green beans, sweet potatoes, crescent rolls, corn, cranberry salad, Mom’s sweet gravy, and Mike’s horribly salty mashed potatoes.

After dinner, Mom went home to beat the snow storm which was on its way.

Mike and I surprised the boys with our Christmas present to them….new dufflebags!  We told them to pack them because we were going to West Virginia to go snow tubing at Winterplace.  So yes, we all packed our bags and left around 7 p.m. to drive to WV.

Snow was falling by the time we reached Greensboro.  We reached our hotel by 12:30 a.m.  It snowed all night long!  The boys insisted on playing in the snow first thing in the morning.

They didn’t stay out long.  It was cold!!!

Then we headed to Winterplace…we bought tickets to tube from 1:00-5:00.  Fun!!!!  Cold!!!!

We lasted until 4:30 because it was still snowing, it was cold, and it was just too windy.

But gosh…we had a ton of fun!!!!! All of us!

And I agree with the boys……it was the best Christmas ever.



2 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

  1. Wow! Totally looks like a great Christmas, Michelle! I am SO jealous about that tubing! I wanna do that.
    Just stopping by to say hi, since I haven’t seen you in forever. Hope things are going well with all of you.

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