So much to be thankful for…

The Story Matters Blog has been hosting a 30 days of gratitude this November.

I have been so busy that I have not kept up with my days.  So I thought I’d make one big giant post….

I have so much to be thankful for!

  1. I am thankful that God continues to provide for me and our family.
  2. My precious family which God blessed me with.  My husband who loves me so.  My two sons who have taught me love, patience, forgiveness, and kindness.
  3. My parents who love me unconditionally.
  4. Our extended family who each is special in his/her own way.
  5. Our church.  Our church provides opportunities for us to use our God-given gifts.  Mike sings in the choir.  I play clarinet in the orchestra.  Our church has also been a place where our children can participate and learn more about how awesome our God is.
  6. My job.  I have been blessed (even though some days it is frustrating) with a job that allows me to provide well for our family.  I also have some flexibilitity so I can work from home…which works out great for days like today when Andrew is home sick.
  7. Technology.  We finally purchased a home laptop this year.  And we plan to buy new ‘fancy’ cell phones at Christmastime.
  8. DVR.  Speaking of technology, our DVR rocks.  We are able to schedule it to record our favorite shows such as General Hospital, House, and iCarly.  We can watch it whenever we want and fast-forward through all of the commercials.
  9. Music.  Nathan loves music, his iPod, playing Daddy’s drums, and playing trumpet in the middle school band!  Andrew loves Michael Jackson music.  I love all music.  Mike loves southern gospel music such as Ernie Haas, singing in the choir, and playing his drums.
  10. Our home.  I still love our townhome.  Love not having to worry about our yard anymore.  Love how our boys have many friends and are safe to play outside.
  11. My car.  After Mike was in an accident which totaled our Explorer, we were able to replace it with a used Chevy Avalanche.  It’s not perfect and doesn’t get the best gas mileage, but it drives great!
  12. Scrapbooking.  I am blessed to be a part of The Story Matters kit club design team.  I am also a design team member for (sister site to
  13. Scrapbooking friends.  I have met some wonderful girls through scrapbooking.  Looking forward to our next local get together.
  14. Scrap space.  I am thankful that I have my own space to spread out my scrapbook goodies in our home.
  15. Good health.  I am thankful that we are all healthy, no major medical problems among us.
  16. Weight Watchers.  I have started Weight Watchers with a few friends from work.  So far, I have lost 10 pounds.
  17. Travel.  We purchased a small travel trailer and truly enjoy visiting campgrounds together as a family.
  18. Food.  Our refrigerator, freezer, and pantry are full of food.  We are blessed that we do not have to worry about being able to provide food for our family.
  19. Laundry chute.  Yes, this sounds silly.  Our bedrooms are on the 3rd floor.  The laundry room is on the 1st floor (basement).  We toss our dirty clothes down the chute and sort the laundry in the basement.
  20. Education.  Mike is trying to decide on what’s next in his schooling adventure.  I am contemplating a master’s degree or a certificate program.  Nathan is doing quite well in middle school (6th grade) this year.  Andrew is surviving 3rd grade.
  21. Radio.  I don’t have fancy XM or Sirrius radio or iPod hookup in my truck.  But I have a radio station (G105) that I love to listen during my morning commute.
  22. Photos.  I am so thankful that I have boxes of my childhood photos.  I am thankful that I have a nice camera to take photos of my family.
  23. Eating out.  I am thankful that we are able to eat out.  My favorite place to eat for lunch is Roly Poly; I love the Buffalo Slim wrap and Vegetable soup.  As a family, we love to eat a Fiesta Mexican, Chilis, and Sweet Tomatoes.
  24. Weekends.  I am thankful I do not have to work weekends.  I am thankful that I can sleep in on the weekends.  I am thankful that Mike makes breakfast for the boys on the weekends….pancakes or waffles.  I am thankful that Mike now only works every 3rd weekend.
  25. Lactose-free milk.  I drink a smoothie every morning; it’s perfect to drink while driving to work.  Frozen berries, one banana, and one cup of fat free lactose-free milk.
  26. 4 seasons.  Living in North Carolina is the greatest.  Fall is gorgeous with the leaves changing and falling.  Winter is colder than I prefer, but the boys always enjoy a little bit of snow.  Spring is beautiful with the blooming tulips and daffodils.  Summer is hot, but not central Florida humid hot.
  27. Exercise.  I don’t enjoy it, but I try and do it.  I will be sad when the warmish fall weather ends; I have ‘enjoyed’ my daily lunch walks.  Dear Santa, I would love a treadmill for Christmas; we have the perfect spot for it in the basement.
  28. Dates with Mike.  I love having my mother live closer to me.  She frequently watches the boys for a night or two.  Mike and I are able to enjoy some alone time together…even if it is just eating dinner and shopping for groceries together.  P.S.  This is not the only reason why I love having my mother live closer to me.
  29. Noah’s Ark.  the child care program at the local Baptist church.  Andrew goes to Noah’s Ark Childcare after school and during track out (break).  Nathan also goes there during track out.  The boys love it there.  During track out, they go on a field trip every day.  Today, they went to see the Polar Express in 3D.  They also go out to lunch every day…Golden Corral, CiCis Pizza, Chick Fila, Bob Evans, IHOP, etc.
  30. Magazines.  I love checking the mail and seeing a magazine or two in there.

So thankful this year…


2 thoughts on “So much to be thankful for…

  1. beautiful sentiments, Michelle! I have learned that it enriches your life and those around you when you have a thankful heart. so many of us live our lives without ever realizing that what we have right here and now is so amazing. it’s nice to stop every now and then to really count our blessings!

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