September 4 – 10

My mom and I took Andrew and Nathan to Michigan….


  • We arrived Saginaw/Bay City Airport, rented a car, and drove to Grandma and Grandpa Austin’s house.
  • It was a cool windy day…much colder than home.
  • Andrew collected acorns, rode the golf cart into the woods, and left the acorns for the deer.
  • Grandma made sloppy joes for dinner and the boys loved it.
  • We watched the Detroit Tigers win a baseball game.


  • Grandma let Andrew eat Oreos for breakfast.
  • Uncle Bum and Aunt Mary stopped by the house and visited for a while.
  • The boys picked blueberries from the garden.
  • Andrew picked tomatoes from the garden for grilled cheese tomato sandwiches.
  • Andrew collected polywogs and enjoyed the nature around the house.
  • Grandpa took the boys on many golf cart rides.
  • Mom and I went to Wal-Mart and Meyers to buy some Diet Cokes and sweatpants for the boys (I did not pack warm enough clothes for the boys).
  • Grandma made fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.
  • Mom and I enjoyed Grandma’s blueberry pie.


  • After another grilled cheese (and tomato for Andrew) lunch, we drove to our hotel on Silver Lake.
  • Our hotel room had a great view of the Silver Lake water and dunes.
  • Andrew caught a tadpole.
  • We spent a windy few hours at the beach. Lake Michigan is very cold. But the boys still had fun.
  • Andrew, Nathan, and I climbed all 160 steps to the top of the Little Sable Point Lighthouse while Mom took a photo from below.
  • Andrew and Nathan drove go-karts and had a blast. It was too bad that they were not open after Monday.
  • The boys enjoyed swimming in the hotel’s 3rd floor heated pool.


  • We rode a tour of the sand dunes via Mac’s Sand Dunes Rides. It was windy, but beautiful.
  • We drove to Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse. We took 2 photos and left because it was so cold and windy.
  • We ate ice cream. Mom bought fudge for Bud.
  • The boys enjoyed swimming in the pool again. I enjoyed the hot tub.


  • We drove back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.
  • Nathan rode Grandma’s bike.
  • We met Aunt Nancy out for dinner.
  • We watched another baseball game.


  • The boys rode their last golf cart ride.
  • Andrew ate his last ‘Grandpa’s tomatoes’ sandwich.
  • Nathan rode Grandma’s bike some more.
  • We enjoyed watching the birds.
  • We took lots of photos.
  • We said good bye.

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