Andrew turns 8

Last Friday……..Andrew turned 8!!!

Mommy and Daddy bought him a snow cone machine, new swim goggles, and took him camping for the weekend.

Nathan bought him the original Karate Kid DVD.

Grammie bought him a fish and all the stuff to go with it.  Here’s Tutti.  She also gave him some cash.

Andrew with Tutti!

Great Grandma and Grandpa Austin gave him a set of deer antlers to hang in his room and some cash.  Now Grammie will only have about 999 left of these when they are all passed down to her!

Grandpa and Granny Janice gave him some cash…photos of purchase coming soon.

Daddy made his cake this year.  Check out this awesome decorative trim!


2 thoughts on “Andrew turns 8

  1. michelle – that cake looks yummy! can’t believe he’s 8 already. they grow so fast!

    i sent you a peamail and i’m wondering if you received it? can you email me at celestefsmith AT i’m hoping you can help me!

    • Baking cakes is fun, I only wish I had better decorating skills and/or tools to do a better job! I love watching Cakeboss!

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