Happy Father’s Day!

Love you.  And here are a few things I love about you.

  1. You were a great son.  I know you did not have the easiest childhood.  But you loved your parents 110%
  2. You took great care of Grandpa during his final years.
  3. You are oh so handy.
  4. You can install and try to teach other to install crown molding
  5. You are great at painting.
  6. You are an excellent financial planner.
  7. You know how to vacation and travel.  I am looking forward to taking my family on some wonderful vacations like you took us on.
  8. You willingly taught high school sunday school.
  9. You know that Jesus loves you.  And you let that light shine.
  10. You have a great voice.  I remember Andrew loved listening to sing you You’re a Grand Ole Flag to him as a baby.
  11. You sing in the church choir and even sing solos.
  12. You have the perfect color hair (oh wait…my hair is turning that same color).
  13. You love to learn.  You are one of the few adults I know who take(took) classes at the community college just to learn more.
  14. Your were an excellent employee.  They knew they had found a real gem in you at that mine.
  15. You drive a Honda.
  16. You let the boys torture you in the hot tub.
  17. You slept in the pop up camper with the kids.
  18. You are very organized.
  19. You are an excellent griller.
  20. You are loved by me.


2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. So sweet of you to say all that. Great pictures.

    I have to take issue with #1 and #19. My childhood was strict, but not difficult; I didn’t treat my parents that great; I competed with my Dad; but I came around in the end when I finally became a man.

    You should have seen the last spare ribs I grilled. They turned to dust–actually.

    I am more proud of you than I am of myself.

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