Vacation Weekend…

So I decided to start our vacation out right.  Thursday morning, I had my very first massage.  Mike got me a gift certificate for a Mothers Day/Wedding Anniversary present.   The 1 hour massage was awesome.  It was a perfect way to start vacation.  Don’t ya think?

P.S.  I hope to get another one of these gift certificates in the future….

We left around 11:00 for the Wytheville, VA KOA campground.

We rented this small 2 bedroom primitive cabin.  A/C, electricity, and beds.   It was perfect.

Very soon after our arrival, we had a little visitor at our campsite which slithered onto another site….

All 3 boys did a lot of swinging this weekend.  They enjoyed touching the trees with their feet as they were swinging too high and jumping from big swings.

We ate well.  Mike grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken on the charcoal grill.  Mike cooked breakfast on the mini gas cooker.  We ate junk….my personal favorite was the powdered donuts.

Fire was one of the biggest excitements for the boys.  We roasted marshmallows over the fire and made S’mores.  The boys enjoyed chilling by the fire and burning leaves, cans, and paper products.  We cooked weinies on the fire.

We enjoyed the swing on the front porch.  The boys and I would swing while Mike was cooking meals.

We enjoyed the swimming pool and water slide.

Andrew enjoyed getting dirty.  Shocker, eh?

We enjoyed hiking in the mountains.  There are trails at the KOA campground.  However, signs were posted that bears have been spotted.  I was constantly looking for bears.  And the trail map was useless!

The KOA has a game room.  The boys loved playing Ice Ball (ski ball) to win tickets.  Here is a pic of Nathan with his prizes:  a gorilla keychain and some army men.  Andrew traded in his tickets for some cool sunglasses.

We spent one afternoon at Fort Chiswell Animal Park.  Check out the website.  Very cool place.

On our drive home, we stopped at Pilot Mountain.  What a beautiful place.  We will be going there again!

Unfortunately, vacation had to end.


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