Photo of the Day – Week 9

Feb 26 – Mike set up the boys’ Lionel Train Set Grandpa bought a few Christmases ago in Andrew’s room.

Feb 27 – Pinewood Derby was today.  Andrew won 1st place in 3 out of 4 heats.  Nathan won 1st place in 2 out of 4 heats.  And Nathan won 3rd place in the Craftsmanship category.  Good job Nathan, Andrew, and Daddy.

Feb 28 – Mike and Nathan’s favorite game to play together right now is Sorry.

March 1 – Mike took both boys to the dentist today.  No photo.

Mar 2 – Andrew lost a tooth today.

Mar 3 – Ugh.  More snow again!  This is the view looking out our front door and down to the left.  The blue awning you see is actually our dentist office.  🙂

Mar 4 – Nathan went to the orthodontist for a consultation.   They want to see him again in 6 months.  Yucky teeth….just like his mother…


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