Photo of the Day – Week 8

Feb 19 – Nathan found an old joke book that Daddy had as a little boy.  He was reading these while watching his favorite show.  America’s Funniest Videos

Feb 20 – Nathan “graduated” from Weeblos 2 to Boy Scouts.  Nathan’s den leader, Pete, made these walking sticks for each of the boys.

Feb 21 – We all went to the flea market and walked around.  For some reason, Mike and I were drawn to this lovely piece of artwork.  He says he had the same art when he was a boy.  I think maybe I did too.  Yep.  We now own it.

Feb 22 – It was time for some new makeup…and not the kind from Walmart.  I went to Clinique and got all new stuff.

Feb 23 – No photo.  I was sick with a nasty cold.

Feb 24 – No photo again.  Still sick.

Feb 25 – Nathan now makes our bed too..and he does a dang good job too.  He got a real kick out of my Cabbage Patch Kid comforter.


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