Photo of the Day – Week 7

Feb 12 – We have had a few extra clothing boxes from the move just hanging out in the garage.  Andrew now has one in his room as his new fort.

Feb 13 – We spent Saturday just hanging out at home.  The boys went to a slumber birthday party Friday night and were pretty tired.  We cleaned Andrew’s room.  Nathan made his bed for him while Mike and I helped Andrew clean out his toys and clean off his desk.

Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day.  A quiet day.  A normal Sunday.  We did go to Waffle House to celebrate.  HaHa.  I don’t want to lie..we went to Logan’s Steakhouse for dinner Saturday night.  These are the cards my 3 boys made for me.

Feb 15 – I stayed home sick from work today.  And I didn’t work at home either…which was nice.  Walmart had blueberries on sale the other day.  So I made blueberry cobbler and blueberry muffins.  All from scratch. is an awesome website for recipes.

Feb 16 – No photo today..

Feb 17 – The boys have made some really good friends here in the new neighborhood.  This is Andrew’s latest best friend, Ben.  Can you guess what the boys are doing?

Feb 18 – Since Mike is home and the boys are tracked out, we are letting them stay up later and watch tv with us.  Andrew loves to watch Survivor, American Idol, and Funniest Home Videos.


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