Photo of the Day – Week 6

Feb 5 –  Daddy has some major moves.  This is called the windshield wiper.

Feb 6 – Our big birthday gift to Nathan was to go to Dunes Village at Myrtle Beach.   And oceanfront rooms were only $59/night this weekend.

Feb 7 – The reason why we love Dunes Village is they have the indoor pools, water slides, and lazy river.  It was winter outside, but summer inside.

Feb 8 – While at Myrtle Beach, we bought Crabbie and new friend.  Say hello to Hermie (he’s on the left).

Feb 9 – Here is what Nathan bought with his birthday money, an iPod Nano.

Feb 10 – The boys had Valentine’s Day parties at school since Track Out begins February 11th.  Mike also went and had lunch with Andrew.  P.S.  Mike says do not eat the school’s hamburgers.  P.S.S.  Andrew wanted to wear his “tuxedo” for the Valentine’s party.

Feb 11 – 1st day of Track Out.  Mike finished painting this shelf which I have had unfinished forever.  It’s perfect hanging in Andrew’s room.


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