Photo of the Day – Week 5

January 29 – I ate sushi today for the 1st time thanks to my co-workers LaShanda and Matthew.

January 30 – Snow day.

Feb 1 – Who says you can’t grill out in the middle of winter?

Feb 2 – Daddy made Nathan’s birthday cake this year….using my new Kitchen Aid mixer my Mom bought me for Christmas!

Feb 3 – Nathan turned 11 years old!  He received an iTunes gift card and lots of money.  He bought himself a new iPod Nano with his money.

Feb 4 – Popcorn.  Andrew would eat a big ole bowl of popcorn every night if I let him….


3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – Week 5

  1. WHAT??!?!?!?!
    you ate sushi? SERIOUSLY?! OMG, i have to alert the media…that’s HUGE Michelle! must tell Sara!!! so did you like it? will you try it again? i don’t do sushi, but will eat cali rolls instead w/out the avocado.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Michelle! Especially love that one of your 3 guys out in the snow. And a huge happy birthday to Nathan!
    But I do have to say………looks like you took the safe route with those sushi rolls. I don’t spy any raw fish on those. 😉

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