Photo of the Day – Week 4

Friday, January 22 – Mike brought up a few boxes from the garage.  In the boxes were a few of my dolls, my Catarina Hannah Cabbage Patch doll I got when I was 8.   And 2 other Cabbage Patch dolls my dad bought me a few years ago.  I may have 2 boys….but they wanted to play dolls with me.  Good pictures to show their girlfriends one day, don’t ya think?  P.S.  My grandma made me most of the baby clothes.

Saturday, January 23 – Nathan used his own money to buy a new Lego Star Wars keychain.

Sunday, January 24 – When we are waiting in the car, the boys love to sit in the front seat and pretend to drive.  Don’t worry…I am in the car with them.

Monday, January 25 – Cub Scout Pack Night.  Nathan earned a few pins this month.

Tuesday, January 26 – Mike sold his Trans Am to a man in Kansas this past weekend.  The car carrier picked up the TA today.

Wednesday, January 27 – No explanation needed….Computer time.

Thursday, January 28 – Mike’s “new used” ride.  2004 Mazda3.


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