Photo of the Day – Week 2

January 8 – The boys like to huddle in Nathan’s bottom bunk and watch tv before bedtime.  They love when we let them stay up “late” til 9:30 on the weekends.

January 9 – Nathan’s calling in life will for sure have something to do with music.  He can hear the first few beats of a song and recognize the artist and the song.  He was excited to find cases of our older cds.  He helped organize.

January 10 – Mike set up this cool race track for all to play with.  The basement is the perfect spot for the track.

January 11 – One of my favorite meals for dinner is a good ole bowl of cereal.  I am unable to drink “real” milk anymore.  I now drink the Lactaid milk.

January 12 – Mike and the boys  started working on their Cub Scout Pinewood Derby cars.

January 13 – Andrew’s favorite subject in 2nd grade is science.  They are studying air pressure and he brought home a balloon give us some demonstrations.

January 14 – Andrew loves art.  Mike found some old modeling clay.  Andrew made this cute little giraffe.  P.S.  He used toothpicks to create the legs.

And I see that I need to take more photos of next week….


One thought on “Photo of the Day – Week 2

  1. Hey Michelle! How are you, Girl? How fun to see you’re doing a photo a day. I started that last year, but gave it up in April. 😉 Knew I wouldn’t make it all year, but for as long as I did, I also knew I’d get some good photos to scrap.
    Those Pinewood derby cars bring back a ton of memories. I built one with Pete for 5 years. We actually came in 2nd his last year. Proud moment for this old mom.

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