Christmas Photos…

Before I get to Part 2 of my favorite photos from 2009, here is a glimpse into our Christmas.

Mike was home from work for the month of December.  He attended all the school Christmas parties, helped make gingerbread houses with the 5th graders, and baked cookies.

Mike also got to play in the Apex Christmas parade with the Cub Scouts.  It was cold and rainy; I was having much more fun with my friends in VA that weekend, Joy and Cindy.

Mike and the boys have been playing lots of football.  Nathan will never been a lineman on a football team, but he can totally throw the football.

I worked a lot during December.   But I was able to take the last week and half off to spend Christmas with my family.

Christmas Eve, we all went to the 7:30 service together.  It was beautiful.  It was touching.  The look on the boys’ faces as they held their candles and sang Silent Night was so special.  Photo taken before Church.

After church, we came home and opened presents from the grandparents.  The boys received money, a DVD set each, and they each picked out new shoes (which they both so so needed).  Even Mike bought new shoes with his Christmas money.

Christmas morning, the boys were so excited.  They are still amazed how Santa buys them exactly what they want.  Andrew’s favorite gifts were a Wii game, volcano kit, and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days book.  Nathan’s favorite gifts were a Wii game and a chess game.

Andrew thought it was odd that Santa brought new underwear and socks.  But I assured him that Santa used to bring me new underwear and socks too.  It’s just what Santa does.  😉

The boys stayed in their pajamas all day long.  We baked cookies, played games, and even set up the volcano kit.

We left for Tennessee to visit my mother on the 26th.  Santa stopped at her house too.  The boys were so excited.  They each got more games and new pajamas.  Andrew also got a gem mining kit….he loves science!  This photo is of Andrew using the plastic hammer to chisel out the gems.

While visiting Mom, we went to Memphis for a day.  We visited the Peabody Hotel and watched the ducks parade in.  Check out the video Nathan shot with Grammie’s camera.

We ate barbecue in downtown Memphis and went to Graceland.  The tour prices are outrageous!  But we did walk around for a bit.

We did a lot of baking with Grammie, shopped, and watched tv and movies.  It was nice and relaxing.

On New Years Day, we drove to Mike’s mother’s house in Roanoke.  The boys were excited because there was snow on the ground.  Heck, they even played with the snow at a rest stop.  They also played in the snow in the dark at her house.  HaHa.

We finally came home on Saturday.  Yeah!!!! Back to work!  And back to school.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

P.S.  I started participating in a Photo of the Day challenge this year.  I am taking at least one photo a day.  I will start posting the photos here this week.


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