Semi-Decorated House Pics

Our home is finally getting viewable.  HaHa.  I do not proclaim to be a good decorator at all.  But here are a few photos.

Front door – I decorate this all by myself.  LOL.  There is actually a cute little fall doormat.


When you come in through the front door, the room on the left was supposed to be the formal living room.  The supposed to be formal dining room is too small; so we switched the light fixtures/rooms.  Here is our dining room.  I have some big prints that will be hanging; one on each side of the hutch.  Every room in this house has boring beige walls.  This room will be painted first.


When you come in through the front door, the old dining room is now my scrapbook room.  Shelves/curtains/storage boxes from IKEA.  We think this room would be perfect if we closed it off with double glass french doors to so it is not out so much in the open.


Up the stairs photo wall.  We have started a photo wall going up the stairs.  We are gonna continue with the black frames.   And my friend, Joy, made me the sign at the bottom of the stairs.


At the top of the stairs, Nathan’s room is on the right.  It is so much bigger than his old room.  Same decor though.



The boys’ bathroom upstairs:


We converted the 4th bedroom into a bonus room.  We got a new tv cabinet.  We already had the red boxes and they fit perfectly inside the tv cabinet.  We love this pull out couch….I guarantee that if you plop yourself down on it, you will be asleep within 5 minutes.  The exercise bike is up here too.  The first photo is as you are looking into the room.




The next room that will be ready for your viewing pleasure…….kitchen, eat-in, and family room.  Stay tuned.  HaHa.


5 thoughts on “Semi-Decorated House Pics

  1. LOVE IT! your house is awesome! Seriously awesome! I want to move in with you! That 4th bedroom has my name on it. Everything is SOOOOO clean!!

    I didn’t peg you for a clean freak! Come teach me how!

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