We finally have internet/cable! Ahhhhh!


We moved into the new house July 31st.  And we finally got cable Friday evening….oh how I am so happy to have cable tv and General Hospital and DVR and HGTV and Nickelodeon for the kids.  And the internet now works too…yeah!

Can I get a Yeah?  Yeah!!

Don’t worry.  We have been plenty busy.  Slowly emptying all the boxes.  Buying a few new pretties for the house.  Loving our new kitchen.  The boys are now tracked out for school, which means they are “off” for 3 weeks (aka going to the YMCA).

I must share this photo of the boys on school picture day.  Andrew wanted to wear his suit.  But it was over 90 degrees.  So I convinced him to wear shorts.  He still insisted on wearing the cowboy boots.


I am sure all the teachers and kids were fully aware that he is not from the big city….You can take the boy out of Fuquay..but you can’t take the Fuquay out of the boy.   HaHa!

House pics are coming soon.  I promise!


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