More Outside Pics of the new place

I was wrong AGAIN.  There are 4 5 homes in this building.  We are the home on the right.   Drive past the bottom end of the building and turn right.  This leads to parking behind the townhomes.


Our front door will be painted soon.


Back view.  The driveway was fixed.  Now the van does not scrape.  Garage doors were installed this week too.  We are the 1st two garage doors.


Our garage is huge.  Notice there is plenty of room in here.  The door in the middle leads into the house.    The other 2 doors are storage areas.  There is also another huge storage area to the left.


Our laundry room is on the bottom floor.  Here is the entry way.  Love the tile floor.  And straight ahead is where I envision my handyman building a cool coat storage area.


Our laundry room is huge.  It is not easy to get a good photo of the room.  It’s very long.


Here’s that other storage area which you can get to from the garage or inside the house.


I’ll get to the next floor later…..


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