Back 2 School. . .

Well since we have a contract on this new townhome…



The Boys started school this past Tuesday at a year round school.

Nathan started 5th grade.


Andrew started 2nd grade.


They both had a great week and said they love their new school!!!

We move out of our house this coming week.  But our new place will not be ready until the 31st.  So we will be bumming at a hotel  for a bit.  🙂

More info soon..


3 thoughts on “Back 2 School. . .

  1. New house is beautiful, boys are adorable (and getting so big!). I hope the move goes smoothly! Thomas is in year-round school, and it is nice to have breaks when most schools are still in session.

  2. I love all the brick on the new place. Can’t wait to see some stats and inside pics. And glad the boys seem to be enjoying school. It’s like they grow up even more with every new photo you post.

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