Happy Birthday Andrew Part 2


The big present was a hit.  He stopped at his bedroom door and just stared.  Then he crashed on the floor.  I asked him what he was doing on the floor and he replied “I just fainted.”  He loves it!!!!

His brother gave him a Nintendo DS Lego Batman game and a cool new case for his DS.

He got money from his grandparents.  Grammie had also bought him night vision goggles when they were in Tennessee.


Here is his white cake with white frosting.  He decorated it himself.  We went to our neighbor’s house yesterday to hang out, grill, eat cake, and party.  And Ian gave him a triangle shaped Bakugan…just what he wanted.


We went and watched fireworks in downtown and then headed back to their house to party until 11 pm.

Fun fun fun night!

Today we are going to a friend’s house to swim and hang out some more.  Happy July 4th!

p.s.  It is now 9:30 Saturday morning and Andrew just woke up.  🙂


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