A Recap of May

I was sick sick with a yucky cold on Mother’s Day.  I slept almost the entire day.  The boys had a great time with Daddy.  And I woke up long enough to take a few photos.


This huge stash is from Andrew.  I reckon he gave me so many gifts to make up for the days he spent on yellow at school.  The thing on the left is a pig wind chime.  Love it.  Andrew has had a few illnesss this month.  On 2 separate occasions, he has woke up and started throwing up in the middle of the night.  We t hink we have figured it out…velveeta shells n cheese.  Maybe.  He also had a high fever virus a few weeks ago.  He was quite pitiful.


This sweet little frame is sitting on my desk at work now.  Nathan is such a sweet helpful boy.  Currently, he is eager to help around the house.  He makes all the beds!


Check out the muscles!  And behind them are these monster bushes that grow about 2 feet a month it seems.   Poor Mike is constantly having to trim these.


In other news. 

My job is still going great.  They have moved me around to help out with a web project with super tight deadlines.  It’s pretty cool.  I have been working 9 hours Monday through Thursday and then leaving at noon (at least trying to) on Fridays.  This gave me time to get my hair cut finally…I got it cut short again.  I will have to take photos this weekend.  I love it.  And the boys love riding the bus home on Fridays.

But the commute to work is quite annoying.  I have convinced Mike to move closer to the “big city.”  So we have fixed up our house and put it on the market.  We have found quite a few homes/townhomes we love that would be great.  But we have to sell this place first.  Send happy home vibes our way.  It is a great house.  4 br, 3 ba ranch.  

The hardest part (for me) about getting the house ready to sell for me was cleaning the guest/scrap room.  Yikes!  I have purged, organized, and purged some more.  I will not let my stash get out of control like that again.

Here is one of my latest layouts I created for the How Much is too Much blog challenge.


School will be out soon.  The last day is June 10th. The boys are quite excited.  And then…they will be going to Mom’s house for a week.  They are going camping too!  And they can’t wait.


Hope your  May has been good to you.


2 thoughts on “A Recap of May

  1. Glad things are going so well. I’d LOVE to buy your house. I remember seeing a picture of it and thinking it’s beautiful!! 😉 Now to convince my DH to move down south. Wonderful pages and adorable pics. You were spoiled on Mother’s Day!

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