We’re home..

We arrived back at Casa de la St.Clair Sunday at 5 p.m.  What a great time away we had.

We left our house bright and early Tuesday morning.  We should have arrived at my dad’s house around 6 pm.  But we hit  major traffic snag  just south of St.Augustine.  It took 1.5 hours to go 3 miles.  Fun stuff!

We pulled into the drive and the boys were so excited.  They wanted to know when Grandpa got an RV.  HaHa.  Deborah and kids were visiting with their new pop up camper, the RV.  The Deborah and her kids, Grandpa, Scooter, and the boys slept out in the camper the first night.


On Wednesday, Granny hid eggs for the kids.  They loved that.  She put coins in the eggs.  🙂


Thursday, we drove to Sarasota and enjoyed some beach time at Lido Beach.  It was a bit crowded. 


The water was way too cold.  Of course, the boys did not care.


The boys also enjoyed “swimming” with Grandpa in his hot tub…


And Andrew can not wait to get a dog like Scooter….


We left my dad’s house on Friday and drove to Daytona Beach.  We tent camped out at a KOA campground for 2 nights.  It was quite fascinating how many Canadians were there.  We camped next to a very nice Canadian family too.  Our kids got along great.


The boys’ favorite part about camping was the freedom they had to ride their bikes all around the campground.  And they loved all the kids to hang out with. 

The campground had an egg hunt Saturday.  Andrew found the silver egg and won this Jeff Gordon chocolate egg.  🙂


The Easter Bunny did visit the site and brought each of the boys a small stuffed bunny.  And we left bright and early….even before that dang woodpecker had gotten busy for the day.

And we are happy to be home.  Happy to be sleeping in our own beds.

But not too excited to go back to work and school (today was a teacher work day).

p.s.  I am ready for some more Florida sunshine as it was cloudy, cold, and rainy today.

p.s.s.  Hope you had a Happy Easter!


9 thoughts on “We’re home..

  1. I live in canada, so the weather is not even close to letting us swim. So I am quite jealous, LOL! Looks like the kids had a great time!

  2. looks like a great trip! we love going camping and taking the bikes so that we can ride around the campgrounds like that — though we’re searching for a cheap little popup camper like the one you pictured. Camping is one of our favorite things to do!

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