Jump Rope for Heart Day

The boys had a fund raiser at school yesterday.  It was a like a big field day with lots of play time.

Andrew said he loved the speed jump roping…

Andrew got a heart painted on his face (see photo); but he said it does not mean that he has a crush on anyone.  You see…he does NOT like girls.  At all.  He says that he chases them around the playground at school.  LOL.

I told him that the heart must stand for “I love my mommy”.  He said yes it did.

And he even asked me to take pictures of his  heart.  Isn’t he sweet?



9 thoughts on “Jump Rope for Heart Day

  1. Yes, Andrew is sure a little sweetie! What a cute pic of him. He’s starting to look a bit older to me in this photo, Michelle.
    Sounds like your school has more fun with Jump Rope for Heart than ours ever has. We just do ours during PE for a few minutes. Kinda sad that Nik just finished hers for the very last time. Feels like better my two, we’ve been doing this fundraiser forever!

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