Good News and Bad News

Which do you want first? 

The bad news….I have to figure out what to wear Wednesday morning……….



Because I have a 2nd interview at the company I interviewed at today.  They want to bring me back to introduce me to more people.  🙂


And Andrew finally figured out how to swing him self this evening.


And more good news…the weather was so nice and warm today, the boys stayed outside until dinner time!  And they were busy riding their bikes around the house and swinging and swinging.


Yeah!  Happy Monday indeed!


20 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. We had nice weather today too–only here it was COOL enough to stay outside all day!! Love that photo of your little guy concentrating on his swinging!

  2. Hey girl…. just wanted to stop by and say I was thinking of u today. How have u been ? Look how happy ur boys look. I would luv to get a swing set for the kids. I am sending u best wishes on ur 2nd interview !!!!!

  3. Congrats on your 2nd interview!

    I hear ya about the nice weather! The kids had so much fun outside yesterday too!

  4. Well, I hope it is also good news that you have a second interview!!! I bet you did great. I love kids milestones and I know what a big deal it is to learn to swing! Great photos.

  5. Oh, that’s awesome, Michelle! Good luck tomorrow!
    Love the photos of the boys swinging. You’ll have to come crop on Saturday so that you can get them scrapped.

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