More Snow – Ick!

Another snow day today.  Yes.  It is March and we got more snow.  And another day from spring break has been taken away from the sweet children.

Wonder if they will have school tomorrow?  I am so ready for warm weather.  I am ready to come to Florida for spring break.  I sure hope we have spring break this year.  LOL.

At least, it is pretty.


And the boys played for just a little bit.  It was just too cold…


And Mike was at work.  Because they don’t close the service department at the car dealership for anything.  Doh!


7 thoughts on “More Snow – Ick!

  1. I LOVE your cute house, Michelle. Mine’s the same color but not nearly as cute. Our schools have already closed for tomorrow and I am with you…UGH.

  2. There was definitely less enthusiasm for the snow at our house this time, too. Couldn’t get the kids out until late afternoon. But then, they did stay out for quite some time. We ended up having a good ol snowball fight. Ate a few icicles, too.

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