Snow Days!

Oh yeah!  They predicted snow to start late Monday night and we did not believe them.  Well our weather people are wrong more times than they are right. 

So like all crazy North Carolina people do, I loaded up the kids and went to Super Walmart to stock up on bread, eggs, and milk….HaHa…

The snow did not really start coming down until after 4 am at our house.  We thought it was gonna be nothing.  But it did not stop until about 4 pm.  It is beautiful, but cold.  The boys played outside almost all day. 

When they first went outside, they both ran to the driveway to make snow angels.


And spent the rest of the day eating snow.  HaHa!


And more snow.


School was canceled for today too.  And there is still plenty of snow on the ground.  They will be outside all afternoon again.  Hip Hip Hooray!



13 thoughts on “Snow Days!

  1. How fun! I’m jealous. You got more snow than we did! Are they bored yet today? Ready to head back to school? Are you crazy yet? Ready for them to head back to school? Thanks for sharing the pictures–can’t wait to see them scrapped!

  2. Good times!! It’s about time we got enough to play in, isn’t it?
    Looks like the boys are having a blast. We spent a lot of time outside yesterday, but so far today we haven’t ventured out.

  3. So funny! I am glad they got out to enjoy it. We here in Minnesota don’t find as much fun in it after the first good snow fall of the year so it is good to see some wee ones having fun in the snow.

  4. Lovin the snow pics, Michelle. We’ve had quite a bit of the white stuff, but I have no pics because it has been way too cool for this baby to go outside. I need to make a note to self….get those snow pictures!

  5. Wow, this looks so great! I am dreaming of a snow day like this. As a teacher, it’s one of the best perks of the job. There’s nothing like that warm feeling a house has as you get up with the coffee brewing and the snow falling and realizing you don’t have to got to work and you can wear your flannel PJ’S all day if you want! It’s priceless.

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