We slept here…

For 2 nights, we all slept in this little tent together.  One little happy family.  We had an air mattress….but I still don’t recommend it.  HaHa.

We went on our 1st family camping trip this weekend.  We drove up to Fancy Gap, Virginia and stayed at a little KOA campground. 

Apparently, tent camping is just not as popular any more.  Or maybe it was because it went down to 45 degrees at night.  But we were the only tent campers there.  All the other campers there were in RVs or other nice campers.  But we did get to use the Deluxe Camp site.  Haha.

It was great to get away from it all.  Not worry about hair, makeup, clothes.  Gosh, I love wearing sweatpants.

We ate well this weekend:  pancakes for breakfast, donuts, strawberries, local mountain apples, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and of course marshmallows.

We roasted marshmallows.  The boys were totally grossed out when I burnt mine to a crisp and then ate them.  And Nathan was not a big fan of the fire…notice how he is standing back in this photo.  Nathan and I enjoyed smores.

We played games at the clubhouse.  Checkers – I am the champion.  I beat both those little boys tails in Checkers.  HaHa.  And we introduced the boys to Uno.  That is fun and Andrew is hooked!  We played it more when we got home from camping too.

The boys fished for the 1st time ever.   Mike and Andrew caught one fish.  Mike was happy that it jumped off the hook on its own as he wasn’t sure how he was going to do that.  He did not have gloves and did not want to touch the fish. HaHa.

It was a great weekend.  The boys were exhausted.  Nathan slept in the car for about 30 minutes on the way home. Andrew slept the entire ride home.  So did I. 

And yes, we will go again next year…when it is a little bit warmer!!!!


11 thoughts on “We slept here…

  1. Sounds a bit chilly to me. I still have a hard time picturing you sleeping in that tent, girl. I used to do that all the time, but I admit it’s been years. Think my back would never forgive me now.
    So glad you had such fun and that the boys had so many first experiences. This is one trip they will always remember. I think it’s awesome you guys did this!

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