Michaels $1 Goodies

Check out these fun pretties I bought at Michaels at the dollar spot….Thanks Terri for telling me they were there.

Yep.  Some pretty goodies designed by the uber-talented Kezia at Tinkering Ink.  Some from my favorite Tinkering Ink line – Perfectly Posh.


There are note pads pads, stickers, ribbon, journaling books, a little journaling book with a pen included, and more.  But of course, my darling husband’s favorite….the tissues.  He is gonna be the coolest studliest dude around driving his Trans Am with these travel-sized tissues.  HaHa.

 Fun stuff!  Don’t you think?


6 thoughts on “Michaels $1 Goodies

  1. These are so cool…someone told me they saw these at Michaels…have head over and get me some…

    Saw you comment on my blog….FSU was really cool…but I have to say….GO GATORS!!!!!



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