Nathan – Right Now

Right now, Nathan is 9 years 7 months old.

He loves to listen to Mommy’s iPod.  And he sings and dances like a total crazy boy.  His favorite songs are “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood, “Miss Independent” by Kelly Clarkson, and a few other really awesome tunes.  HaHa.

He is trying and liking a lot more new foods lately.  He now eats lima beans, watermelon, cereal (he loves all the good cereals like Rice Krispies, Trix, and Cheerios) with milk, sausage, bacon, beef quesadillas, popcorn shrimp, crab legs.  He has come a long way…heck, he ate baby jar food and yogurt up til he was about 2 years old.

He starts piano lessons today and he is very excited about it.

He is still obsessed with Star Wars.  Trying to decide which character to be for Halloween.  And will he need a new light saber to go with it?  HaHa.

His favorite tv shows are SpongeBob, iCarly, and Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon.

He can now go across the monkey bars.

P.S.  I do not cook or eat lima beans.  Nasty.  That is all the public school’s fault.


13 thoughts on “Nathan – Right Now

  1. That’s great about the foods….my boys are picky too! oh, and yeah, James also dances really “wild” when I put any music on. it’s so funny to watch!

  2. what a cutie he’s growing up to be! yay for branching out and trying new things…although…I was a picky eater too as a kid and NEVER outgrew it! hee hee….I still don’t eat lima beans – ha hahaha ! have fun with the piano lessons! that is really cool he wants to play 😀

  3. Oh wow! This is a great idea, Michelle, to blog about these things, and then if you don’t have time to scrap them right away, they will still be there! He’s so cute!

  4. I like Nathan’s taste in tv shows. You can tell him those are some of my favorites, too. And kudos to him for trying new things.

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