Andrew – Right now

Andrew is now 6 years and 2 months. 

After one full week as a first grader, he has declared that 1st grade is much better than Kindergarten.

He can count out coins and is obsessed with his chores to earn more money.  We pay big money in this house – 10 cents for setting and clearing the dinner table, 10 cents for wiping the table before and after dinner, 5 cents for checking the mail, 25 cents for cleaning his room or upstairs.  haha.

He prefers to not wear full pajamas any more.  He will usually just wear a shirt or just the bottoms.

Speaking of sleeping…he often crawls up and sleeps with Nathan.  Nathan doesn’t seem to mind.

He loves Corvettes.  He can spot them a mile away.  haHa.

He is freaked out by toilets, scared that they will overflow.

And he is perfectly happy and content with some paper, scissors, and tape.  Check out this awesome mustache.


6 thoughts on “Andrew – Right now

  1. lol….James feels the same way about 1st grade! 🙂 🙂 and as for the pj’s, James has to mismatch EVERY night. I think he’s trying to be “unique” and not do what everyone else does… 🙂 Fun pic!

  2. What an adorable photo!! I LOVE the mustache!
    And I’m dying over the toilet thing……….poor kids got a lot of overcome…….hopefully he won’t get himself all blocked up!

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