Labor Day Weekend…

  1. Mike actually left work 30 minutes early on Friday.  So our weekend started earlier than expected.  HaHa.  We left home by 6:30.
  2. The boys were super excited to eat McDonalds Happy Meals in the car.  Cool Star Wars toys!
  3. It rained so dang hard you could barely see out the windshield.  But we arrived safely at the Dunes Resort!
  4. They made an error on our room so we had to endure a “small” room for 2 nights. 
  5. We ate breakfast and lunch in our room each day.
  6. We went to the beach first thing saturday morning.  Daddy built a “hot tub” in the sand with his super shovel.  I dodged the waves in the ocean with the boys.
  7. Andrew loves to clean out the sand from his suit in the ocean.  He thinks that’s pretty funny.
  8. The Dunes Resort has 2 indoor water park areas.  It is so great to stay out of the sun.  And we don’t have to constantly reapply sunscreen.
  9. The lazy river is our favorite!
  10. The water slides rock!  Andrew learned that if he lies down flat, he goes faster.
  11. Andrew loved the water basketball area.
  12. We went shopping before dinner.  I bought 2 new purses and a wallet.
  13. I also stopped in a scrapbook store and bought a few necessities.  LOL.
  14. We ate dinner at Red Lobster.  The boys tried some of our crab legs for the 1st time and loved them!  Andrew said that is what he is going to order next time.  HaHa.
  15. We split their yummy chocolate cake to celebrate birthdays – Mike, Mom, and Me.
  16. Sunday, Mike took Andrew to the beach while Nathan and I enjoyed the indoor water park area.
  17. We moved into our 2 bedroom suite.  Gorgeous room.  Huge kitchen.  Amazing view!
  18. Lots and lots and lots of time in the water.
  19. We ate dinner at Chilis.  Exciting, huh?  What can we say?  We love Chilis.
  20. We went to an indoor go-kart track.  The boys each drove their first cars.  Good gosh these cars were slow though.  HaHa.
  21. Mike raced the adult cars and the boys loved watching him pass up this other dude.
  22. Monday morning was our last hoorah before checking out of the hotel.
  23. The boys wanted to go to the “Wet-n-Wild” area.  The 2nd indoor water park area is a little submarine and other kiddie stuff.  Not sure why they call it Wet-n-Wild though.
  24. They boys played a little water volleyball.
  25. Nathan practiced his swimming.
  26. Andrew showed me how he can swim just like Michael Phelps.
  27. And then we headed back to the lazy river and water slide area.
  28. We checked out of the hotel at 11 am.  Boo Hoo.
  29. We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Yes another shocker, eh?
  30. On the drive home, I had Mike stop in Fayetteville so that I could go into a Hobby Lobby.  We don’t have those in our area.  Cool store.  I bought a few little things.
  31. My paid for van is driving like a turd.  Lovely!
  32. We went to “Mexico” for dinner.  Another shocker?
  33. I talked to dad, mom, and my grandma on the phone.
  34. Mike and I watched the season premiere of Prison Break.  Yeah!
  35. Oh and I turned 35 yesterday! 

How was your weekend?


8 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend…

  1. You are a hoot, Michelle! Love your running commentary on your weekend. Does sound like fun to me.
    Happy day after your birthday! We might need to have a “party” at my house to celebrate!

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