1st Day of School

So the boys started school yesterday. 

Nathan started 4th grade.  4th was my favorite grade; I loved Mrs. Morton.  She was the reason I went into elementary education.  Nathan’s special ed teacher moved up so he has her again this year…which is such a good thing.  I love every bit of her.  His homeroom teacher seems very nice too.

Andrew started 1st grade.  My 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Randall, was nice too.  Andrew’s teacher is full of life, very involved in drama, very involved in a local church we are familiar with, loves hugs, loves story-telling, and has been teaching at this school since it opened 25 years ago. Andrew is going to have a great year.’

I tried to get some good photos of them before school.  I tried.  I bought them fun little Star Wars pins for their backpacks; they loved them. And they each got some new shoes!  They looked just darling.

But this is all they wanted to do for the camera….

HaHa.  So I bribed them…..I took them to the park after school. We ate dinner (picnic style), walked, and played.  And they posed for some photos there.  I’ll post those tomorrow.

Hope all the kids out there had a great 1st day of school.


5 thoughts on “1st Day of School

  1. Hahaha love that photo Michelle! Sounds like you handled the first day perfectly. Can’t wait to see the other pics. 🙂

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