Silly Me….

Trix are for kids.  HaHa.  Actually, I love to eat Trix cereal.  Does anybody know if it will help lower my cholesterol like Cheerios supposedly does?  If so, I will have to buy a box again soon.  I am officially taking charge of the food that I eat.  And I am going to make these changes permanent.  At my last doctor appointment, I was told the “good” news that my bad cholesterol is too high and my good cholesterol is too low.  Add this to my high blood pressure.  And then they performed an EKG on me because I am now “of age”.  So I am making some positive permanent changes:

  • I am limiting my 100 calorie snack packs.  Those little things do add up.  And they really are not providing anything nutritious.  I am down to only 2 of those treats a day.
  • I no longer eat Lean Cuisine pizzas every day.  Boy are those loaded with sodium.
  • I now eat one large salad for lunch.  It even has shredded broccoli, carrots, and some other weird veggie on it.  And I add mushrooms and green peppers to be extra good.  And for some protein, I add unsalted sunflower seed or almond slivers.  I have found a balsamic viniagrette that is low in sodium.  And you know what?  It tastes really really good.
  • I love fruit.  Always have.  So no change there.
  • On the weekends or some nights when I don’t cook (hahaha), I make an ice smoothie for a meal.  1 cup of fake (lactose free) fat free milk, a banana, blueberries, and pineapple.  It is so yummy and filling.  Nathan loves it too.
  • No more Ragu spaghetti sauce.  That sounds easy to some.  But seriously, we had spaghetti once or twice a week.  1/2 cup of this sauce has 580 MG of sodium in it.  That is insane crazy.  That is 1/3 of what my doctor wants me to have in sodium in one day.  If you have a low sodium homemade recipe, let me know.  I am looking for one. I found some lower sodium jar sauce at the Fresh Market, but I am not going to pay 7.99 for a small jar.
  • I have found some yummy low sodium turkey lunch meat.  And did you know that one slice of Kraft 2% American cheese has 250 MG of sodium?  The swiss is only 50 MG.  So I have switched cheeses.
  • I now only drink 2 cans of diet coke a day.  Any time we eat out,  I order water. 
  • I now remember to take my vitamins and medicines 6 out of 7 days a week. 
  • I am continuing to go to the gym 3 days a week.

If you have any tips, please share….

I know that I will never be a size 2 super model.  And I do not have 3 hours a day to spend at the gym.  And I am okay with that.  Because silly me has a wonderful husband, two beautiful sons, a mother and father who love me so, a nice home in a nice neighborhood, a few great friends, and God in my life. 

I forgot to share this layout before CHA and I think this post sounds like a good time to share it.  I created this using the new Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin line. 


4 thoughts on “Silly Me….

  1. way to go Michelle….I have also started watching what I eat more and breaking a sweat once a day….feel so much better….now if I could just stop with the fountain pepsi each morning….sigh….

  2. I think it is great that you are taking charge of your health. I joined weight watchers in May and have lost 12 lbs. I only followed the plan for a few weeks, but the accountability is what really helps me. I eat a lot more fruits and veggies, and really pay attention to portion control. I also have a “green smoothie” for breakfast each day. Here are is the link with some info. Oh and Kashi Bars are awesome!

  3. awe, SO PROUD of you taking charge of food…that is wonderful Michelle. i am going to have to try out your smoothie. that sounds so good. hmmm…i’m jotting down the recipe now. do you use ice? i’ve been looking for a good smoothie to replace a meal. i’m not into buying those powder yuckies at gnc. i need vitamins too. i also cook turkey bacon that is low sodium. i LOVE bacon, so i am glad that is an option. heck, we eat bacon like 4x a week…LOL!

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