Chicago Day 2

Mike and I headed back down to the Magnificent Mile area for the day.  We rode the El and then walked to the Navy Pier and had a fancy nice breakfast at McDonalds.  HaHa.

Then we signed up to take 2 shoreline boat tours.

Our first tour was the 1 hour architecture cruise down the Chicago River.  This tour was so totally worth the money!  The buildings are really amazing and beautiful in Chicago!  If you are ever in the area, put this tour on your list!!!

Here is our favorite building.  It is called Marina City.  Check out the cars on the lover levels.  So cool.  And yes there is a marina under this.  Wonder how much they charge to dock your boat there. 

Next, we did the plain shoreline tour off the Navy Pier.  I did this tour 2 years ago when I was in Chicago with my friend Sara and I liked it then.  It was still a good tour.  But the architecture tour was better.

My most favorite city.  Chicago.


I just read that Dirty Dancing will be on Broadway tour in Chicago in October.  I asked Mike if he will take me to that show.  And he said no.  Boo…..Anybody want to go visit Chicago with me in October.


9 thoughts on “Chicago Day 2

  1. Hey Sweetie, It was so much FUN meeting you and you are tooo Cute ! Chicago is wonderful isnt it ?! Ill meet you and do the Dirty Dancing Broadway Show with you. ahhhh to be young again :’ ) Its especially bittersweet since Patrick Swayze is so sick.

    Ps luv the changes to your Blog

    Hugs, Norma

  2. Love that last pic the best – cool view! Sounds like a great trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago! Dirty Dancing tour sounds fun, you’ll have to keep working on mike 😉

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