Chicago Part 1

Mike and I flew in to Chicago early early early Wednesday morning.  We were at the hotel by 8 am.  So yes it was early.  We ate a nice breakfast together at the hotel.  I ate some low cholesterol french toast that was made with the “fake” eggs and corn flakes on the bread….it was really really good.

We then walked to the El train station to head on down to Chicago.  Seriously, the people in Chicago are so friendly and helpful.  Any time we looked lost or confused, someone would come up to us and help us out.  Mike and I shopped and shopped and shopped.  And lots and lots of walking.  It was fun just hanging together all day.

We only took a few photos the first day.  We took pics in the Lego store just for the kids…..

See that Millenium Falcon ship Lego set.  $499.  Oh my!!!

Here is a Lego R2D2.

Such a fun store.  Mike bought a Lego Star Wars shirt for himself and the boys just  love it.

By 5:00, we were exhausted!  So we rode the El back to the hotel.  We enjoyed a fabulous dinner with Paul and Kezia (Tinkering Ink) at the Outback.  My steak and salad was perfect!  And it was great for Mike to get to meet Paul and Kezia since I talk about Tinkering Ink so much.  They really are super cool individuals!

We were exhausted from our early flight (alarm went off at 3:45 that morning) and all the walking.  So Mike and I were asleep in bed by 9:30.  HaHa.

End of Day 1.


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