Birthday Pics…

Andrew opened his Lego Star Wars game from his brother Nathan:

Andrew opening presents this afternoon:

Last year it was a tadpole farm.  This year he wanted a Butterfly Garden.

We ended up going to “Mexico” for dinner.  They even came out to the table and sang to him.

And then cake at home.  Andrew helped decorate it too.

He will agree…it was a fab fab 6th birthday.


11 thoughts on “Birthday Pics…

  1. OMGosh he could NOT be ANY cuuuuuter. Happy, happy birthday Andrew! Looks like you had a wonderful time and my son just finished growing butterflies and it was AMAZING and fabulous!!! Hope you have the most wonderful time with it!

    hugs & love!

  2. i loved reading about the day he was born 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW! how fun i’m sure he is playing up his game too…Awesome gift 🙂

  3. You do have to share how the butterfly garden is! My son sees it on TV and so wants one. You had a tadpole farm, too? How did that go? My son would probably go nuts if he knew they existed!

  4. What great photos you got, Michelle! Andrew looks super excited and happy. Glad you got to do some world traveling for dinner!

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