My water just broke.  HaHa…

6 years ago right after I was finishing watching General Hospital (as I still do every night) on SoapNet, I got up off the couch to go to the bathroom.  And it happened.  The flood gates opened.  My water had broken.

“Um…Honey…my water just broke.”

So I went and stood in the tub so I could call my mom and tell her to meet us at the hospital.  And my doctor.  Mike was the best little hubby and got the car ready (you know you do need towels for this) and Nathan in his car seat so we could head off…

Unlike Nathan’s labor, my contractions started as soon as I was sitting  in the car.  Nothing mega painful or anything.  In fact, I was sorta happy to actually be having contractions as having to be totally induced with Nathan was no fun.

To be continued….


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