Swim Lessons

The boys had their last swim lesson last night.  They both love going to the pool!  I am surprised at the number of kids who are scared and crying at the pool.

They both can each now:

  • Blow bubbles
  • Prone Float
  • Prone float with kick unassisted
  • Shows front crawl arm motions
  • Bounce – 10 bobs
  • Put face in water to retrieve objects
  • Knows basic water safety

Andrew can also back float for 20 seconds.  And is ready for level 2.  He needs to continue to work on keeping his legs behind him; keeping his face in the water will help.  He also needs to try to keep hi s head above the water while doing the backstroke; it is funny to see him swim underwater on his back though.

Nathan was able to back float for 3-4 seconds, but gave up too soon.  He can float longer, he just does not have the confidence.  He also needs to continue to work on keeping legs kicking behind hi.  And pushing his belly button up to float and kick hard while doing the back stroke.  He will need to stay in the beginner level to work on his backstroke.

I am proud of both of them.  They both tried really really hard.  They paid attention to their instructor Ginny, whom they both really liked.  I hope we can get them into the next round of lessons in August.

To celebrate their swimming accomplishment, here is a layout I created a while back about Andrew at the pool last summer. 


4 thoughts on “Swim Lessons

  1. Fabulous page, Michelle!

    Hey, can you post your e-mail address on the hmitm message board? I don’t have yours and I’m in charge of sending out reminders and stuff. I just e-mailed a note to everyone that Cindy just posted the new challenge for next week.

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