The boys are now getting into a few classics from when we were little.  It is so fun to see them love our “old” childhood favorites.

  • The Muppets.  Andrew watched a little bit of the Muppets at school last week and can’t stop talking about them.  So last night we rented “The Muppets Take Manhattan.”  I still remember this movie!!!
  • E.T.  It was on tv last weekend.  They loved loved it!
  • Star Wars.  All of the episodes were played on tv last month.  We recorded them all on our DVR and the boys love all of the episodes.  Theyalso have a Playstation Lego Star Wars game that they play together all the time.  Nathan now wants to be called Nathan Skywalker.  Andrew is Andrew Empire.  HaHa.

Once they are older, we will introduce them to a few more of our favorite classics such as Grease and maybe even Star Trek.  What are some other “classics” we need to show them?


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