Mother’s Day Weekend

I am home today with a sick child which leaves me some time to update.  So here is a recap of our fun Mother’s Day weekend.

Saturday.  We drove down to the coast and visited the NC Aquarium.  This was our first time there and we were very impressed.  We enjoyed the outdoor area where we birdwatched and enjoyed nature.  The aquarium section was great – loved the jellyfish, the starfish, the green eel, the sea horse, the blue frogs, and the dive show.  There was also an animal sectin that was cool – alligators swimming in this pond, turtles walking around, snakes in cages, birds walking around.


After our visit to the aquarium, we drove down to the beach and walked down the pier.  It is not quite warm enough to enjoy the beach water….maybe in a few weeks.  We will be back there very soon!

Then we ate dinner along the waterfront at a nice place in Wilmington.  And since this was my Mother’s Day meal, I ordered oysters!  And I ate them just like my Daddy taught me.  Maybe one day I will be able to get one of my children to taste and enjoy oysters.


Mother’s Day was nice.  After church, I took a nice long nap!  And we went out for pizza.  The boys give me some cute gifts.  They picked out this card that plays the Chicken Dance song.  Nathan made me the jar candle, the little flower container, and filled out a card for me.  Andrew had been working hard for weeks to create this ceramic bird fo rme.  Andrew is not  a good secret keeper…he had been telling me about the bird for a while.  And he told me about the chicken dance card Saturday.  hahahaha!



I hope every mother had a very happy mother’s day!



Oh. Can’t believe I forgot to say what my cool gift was……a new tv and cable hooked up in the scrap/guest room.  🙂


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