Happy Easter.


It was the best family weekend.

Friday – I stayed home with the boys and just chilled.  Our big outing for the day was Super Wal-Mart.

Saturday – Busy day.  We went to the gym in the morning.  Ate lunch at home.  Dyed eggs.  And we went and visited the Easter bunny….at Wal-Mart…hahaha!  And then the usual Saturday activities.


Sunday – The boys were up at their normal time.  7:00.  Andrew was a bit excited because the Easter Bunny hid a ton of eggs.  And left a basket of goodies.  Andrew got his 1st watch.  Nathan got a Scooby Doo dvd.  And they each got a Webkin from Grammie and Bud….Sam the pug and Scruffy the bunny.   We went to church to hear the wonderful Good News.  Lunch at home and some chill time.  Then for dinner since we had no family near us this year, we took the boys to a Japanese place for the 1st time.  Andrew loved the soup and salad, but he drank too much tea.  Nathan loved the rice and shrimp. 


Now the boys are in bed.  So it is time to prepare for the  week.

Happy Easter!


10 thoughts on “Happy Easter.

  1. I was thinking the same thing….dying eggs with white t’s…are you nuts? Were they white when they were done? The boys are handsome! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Happy Easter, friend!
    love the shots of the boys and I’ll be looking for a layout with that Walmart Easter bunny.

    my kids have never been to see the Ebunny…slacker mom, i know

    what is up with the white shirts and egg dyeing….bleach the stains?

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