Monday Ramblings

No major happenings here…which is a good thing.

  • Nathan is currently obsessed with shoe tying.  He will watch you tie your shoes and take note of which way you make your loops and such.  And he is wearing size 4.5 shoes.
  • Nathan took a day trip with Mike this past Saturday to go visit Mike’s mom who is recovering for ankle/leg surgeries.  Nathan is such a good traveler! 
  • Andrew has unofficially moved into Nathan’s room.  He loves his brother and doesn’t like to be alone.  So he sleeps on the bottom bunk and Nathan sleeps on the top bunk now.
  • Andrew is doing great in school.  He reads so well and even surprises himself at how well he can read. He prefers non-fiction books – books about animals, dinosaurs, insects, volcanoes, presididents, etc.
  • No matter how cute Grandpa’s dog Scooter is, we are not getting a dog!  I am so sorry Andrew.
  • I have no idea what the boys (or us) are doing for spring break this year.  It is not until the week of March 31st.
  • General Hospital is so good right now.  So exciting to find out about the Text Message Killer.  HaHa!!!
  • And I had 3 layouts using Tinkering Ink products requested for the July 2008 issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday.


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